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Eldorado Outdoor accessories complete your custom kitchen design with hardware kits, end caps to close off openings, required ventilation, and more.

Corner Raised Backsplash


Creates 4″ high raised corner backsplash with 10″ cantilever; connects to Straight Raised Backsplash for L-shaped configurations. Requires 2 bolts for mounting (not included).

Fastener Set


Includes 4 nuts, 4 bolts & 8 washers. One fastener set is required to secure two cabinets.

Straight Raised Backsplash


Creates 4″ high raised backsplash (23.75″ long) with 10″ cantilever and 14″ counter surface. Requires 3 bolts for mounting (not included).

Appliance Bracket Set


Includes 2 brackets & screws for use with drawers, doors, etc. Works with flanges to secure items in cabinet cut-outs.

Cabinet End Cap

24″ × 24″sq • OLPLSECAP

End Caps complete the installation by closing off openings on either end of assembled island.



Vents are recommended by many barbecue appliance manufacturers when installing gas appliances into a closed cabinet

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