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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got a question, we’ve got an answer!

We have compiled a list of our most common questions and answers that we receive from our customers.  If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  Call us at (618) 282-6722 or email us by clicking here.
Q. What is manufactured stone made from?
A.  Manufactured stone is made from portland cement, lightweight aggregates, and iron oxide colorings.
Q. How heavy is manufactured stone?
A.  Manufactured stone weighs about 10 lbs. per square foot of stone.
Q. How thick is a piece of manufactured stone?
A.  Manufactured stone thickness varies from ¾ in – 3 ½ inches, depending on the style of stone.
Q. Is there a warranty on manufactured stone?
A.  Yes, most of the brands of manufactured stone that we distribute carry a 50 year limited warranty.
Q. How are the colors applied to the stone?
A.  Base color is throughout the entire stone, but accent colors are added into the surface of the stone during the molding process.
Q. Will the stone fade over time?
A.  Manufactured stone has been in use since the late 1960s and no detectable color change can be observed even after years of weathering.
Q. Is manufactured stone cheaper than natural stone?
A.  Yes, installing manufactured stone is 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of installing natural stone.  This is because it is light weight and does not require any footings, foundation, or wall ties.  This also reduces the installation time and has a 2% waste factor vs. 10% or more for natural stone.
Q. What kind of surface do you apply manufactured stone to?
A.  See our installation procedures in the Technical page.
Q. Can manufactured stone be used around swimming pools?
A.  It can, but we would not warrant it under this type of application.  Constant exposure to chlorine and other chemicals will affect the stone’s color and may cause product deterioration.  At a minimum, several coats of a high quality sealer would be required to do this.
Q. Are there any water issues?
A.  It is important to divert water run-off from the stone surface by using gutters, flashing & cant strips when necessary. Using the proper water diversions will help prevent surface damage. The use of caps can be used to provide adequate run-off protection. Corner or flat pieces should not be used on exterior horizontal planes or to cap walls.
Q. Can manufactured stone be used as a flooring?
A.  The landscape pavers are best used for this.  Our veneer stone is meant for wall applications.
Q. Can manufactured stone stain?
A.  Yes, if it is not sealed properly it can stain just as natural stone can. It is not required to seal the stone, but if you choose to, use only a silane or siloxane based penetrating breathable sealer.
Q. Are the stone colors on this webpage accurate?
A.  Although colors on this page are as close to the actual stone color as possible, variations can be expected.  We suggest looking at a sample of stone before choosing your colors.
Q. What is the installed price of manufactured stone?
A.  The installed price is approximately $18.00 – $22.00 per square foot based on the brand and style of stone chosen.
Q. What about stone repetition?
A.  Manufactured stone is cast from thousands of molds and an average of 150 Sq Ft of original material can be expected with each stone profile. In addition, with colors hand-painted, no two stones are exactly the same.