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European Ledge

Eldorado Stone

Introducing European Ledge™, A Modern Stone Fusion. European Ledge creates the perfect fusion between old-world stonework and modern design. Evoking a unique balance of weather-worn surface contours and precision-cut stone, this modern interpretation of split-face travertine is assembled into tightly stacked ledge pieces with varying surface heights and lengths. The distinctive appearance delivers a timeless feel to any exterior or interior environment.

Product Details

Family: Ledgestones
Style: Modern
Flats Panels - Per Box: 7.5 square feet   Per Skid: 90 square feet
Flats Singles - Per Box: 8 square feet   Per Skid: 96 square feet
Corners - Per Box: 5 linear feet   Per Skid: 60 linear feet
Boxes Per Skid: 12


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