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Pre-configured and ready to install, Eldorado Outdoor Signature Kitchens allow you to realize the perfect outdoor kitchen in days vs. weeks. Choose from 5 unique kitchens designed to fit a variety of size and style configurations.

Sierra Signature Kitchen

ParkView Signature Kitchen

Metropolitan Signature Kitchen

Coastal Ranch Signature Kitchen

Carolina Signature Kitchen

Signature Kitchen Stone Options

Sierra Signature Kitchen

The Sierra Signature Kitchen is our largest design with overall dimensions of approximately 11’ x 10’. The L-shaped kitchen features an expansive raised bar counter and lower counter return at the perfect height for grilling.


130″ L x 40″ H & 124″ L x 36″ H


Unclad: $2,679.00
Stone: $3,779.00

ParkView Signature Kitchen

The Parkview Signature Kitchen is a 9.5’x 6.5’ L-shaped kitchen. The simple configuration and manageable size allows for the perfect entertaining center in a variety of outdoor settings.


114″ L x 36″ H & 78″ L x 36″ H


Unclad: $1,769.00
Stone: $2,639.00

Metropolitan Signature Kitchen

The Metropolitan Signature Kitchen is an 12’ linear kitchen, designed to save space compared to traditional L-shaped kitchens, yet provides ample counter space for preparation of an elegant night dining alfresco.


144″ L x 36 H


Unclad: $1,469.00
Stone: $2,249.00

Coastal Ranch Signature Kitchen

The Coastal Ranch is one of our most popular L-shaped kitchens. At approximately 11’x8’, this kitchen is designed to maximize appliance space and still provide ample entertaining with the raised bar counter.


136″ L x 36″ H & 100″ L x 40″ H


Unclad: $2,479.00
Stone: $3,499.00

Carolina Signature Kitchen

The Carolina Signature Kitchen is an 8’x 8’ L-shaped kitchen, featuring a 90-degree radius corner and raised bar counter on half of the island. The 10” cantilever bar counter provides additional counter space for serving, dining and entertaining.


100″ L x 40″ H & 100″ L x 36″ H


Unclad: $1,949.00
Stone: $2,790.00

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